Who We Are

Our Vision

The President and Founder of Help Americans Inc. envisioned this plan to help our Americans in need. We see nonprofits that help people in need throughout the world, which is a very worthy cause, but there are far too many of our own citizens and heroes that are suffering and in dire need of our assistance. Help Americans Inc. was created to help our Americans in need!

Why it works

We believe with the combination of our generous Donors that contribute to our worthy cause and the corporate sponsors that support us through the discounts offered with our VIP membership program as well as the Grants received through our Grant Writer that we will have the resources available to make a difference.

Our mission

The Mission set forth by the founder of Help Americans was to help create a better place in our country. Through the use of Generous Donations and Grants obtained by our Grant writer the foundation will provide down payment assistance toward housing for first time home buyers, A comprehensive plan to help our Veterans by providingfinancial assistance, housing for our Veterans in need, and other related services.

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