Earn 12% Annually backed by Gold

This special program was created for the hard working people who would like to help us with our cause by earning an above average return through a loan backed by Gold instead of a charitable tax deductible donation.

The minimum loan for this program is $1,000 and the maximum is $5 Million. We keep the maximum at $5 Million in case the lender making the loan decides to exercise their right to get their principal back earlier. Help Americans Inc. has up to $60 Million worth of Gold available for this worthy program.

Please fill up the form below to receive the loan agreement to join us in this worthy endeavor. 


Our Corporate sponsors LIK Trading based in Dubai and America’s Medical Supply Group based in America have pledged Gold to help secure the loans made to our Charity. The physical gold used to back the loans made to the charity are held in gold reserves. These reserves are held by financial custodians, typically banks or reputed vaults. The gold for this program is held at the refinery and moved to Brinks every 14 days as the loan agreements are signed and the funds are sent to the charity. Help Americans Inc. has up to $60 million worth of Gold held on reserve to back the loans made. The Charity has a letter of safe keeping of the gold which will be shared to each Lender prior to making the loan. The gold will remain in reserve until the principal and interest on the loans have been paid in full.

If you are interested in helping while earning 12%, annual return you will make a loan to the Charity. The loan will be an interest only loan for a period of 5 years. At the end of the 5th year the principal will be paid in full. The Charity pays the interest each year upfront. At the beginning of each Calendar year you will have the option to either get your principal back or receive the next year’s interest payment. We keep funds in reserve in addition to the profits earned to be able to pay back the loans early to the lenders who need their principal paid back earlier than the 5 years.

LIK TRADING and America's Medical Supply Group have established relationships with Medical Manufacturers that provide Generic Drugs at deep discounts. Through these relationships, LIK TRADING and AMERICA'S MEDICAL SUPPLY GROUP are able to provide these affordable Generic Drugs to third world countries world wide. Currently there are contracts to provide these generic drugs to countries throughout Africa. The contracts are to governments only which eliminates any risk of nonpayment.

To generate the return, Help Americans Inc. has partnered with LIK Trading and America’s Medical Supply Group in their quest to provide affordable Generic drugs to third world countries around the world.

Help Americans Inc. is an IRS approved 501C3 nonprofit Organization Registered in the State of Florida. The Charity is a Gold Member in good standing with Guide Star. Help Americans Inc. founder Richard Crowder created a special program for people who would like to help our Charity help the men, women, and children in dire need of medical assistance by providing affordable Generic Drugs. The proceeds from the sale of the Generic Drugs will be used to pay the principal and interest on the loans made through this program and to build an all-inclusive housing community for homeless Veterans. We understand how hard you work for your money so we created an opportunity for you to help. Instead of making a tax deductible donation, you can now earn an above average return on your money through the loan backed by gold.